5×07: Vigilante Preview and Teasers

A new vigilante is in town with the innovative name ‘Vigilante’ and his methods catch the attention of Oliver and the team.

I did my own google of Vigilante in the lead-up to this episode and after what ended up being a substantial search, boy, am I a fan. I’m such a fan actually, I’d love for him to get his own show one day but for now, we’ve got him on Arrow…

And he’s well handled. He’s a good threat. Deadshot, who we lost stupidly, was great in the way he’d keep popping up here and there. In Vigilante, there’s the potential to have another and I’m all for it. He’s a good threat for the team. He’s different. He’s far more interesting than your standard villains of the week.

His methods strike a divide through the team which is a useful conflict. Oliver has a good line about it, while questioning his own methods.

Diggle’s frustrations rise at his own situation which is understandable and leads for more nice interactions with Wild Dog, while Kovar proves a welcome addition in the flashbacks.

Also, stay tuned for a big final scene.

Some teaser quotes:

  1. “I appreciate that but I don’t need a date.”
  2. 2. “At this time of night? Who are you meeting because we are all here?”
  3. 3. “I said go to hell. What? Do you need directions or something?”
  4. 4. “I don’t think this vigilante waits on warrants.”
  5. 5. “Thank me by getting better.”

“Vigilante” airs on Wednesday 7th December at 8pm on Sky 1.


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