Things we learned… 5×07: Vigilante

When one threat takes a break, another one comes along just like ‘that’. Vigilante was in town with some questionable methods as Arrow came out swinging with a strong episode.

Anti-heroes are awesome. We can’t exactly call Vigilante a hero. He’s exactly as the name suggests. A vigilante. But he’s a very welcome addition to the show. I’ve loved The Punisher in Daredevil and I’m eagerly awaiting his own series, I’d really love a similar result here. Vigilante isn’t your standard villain of the week. He’s someone you’d expect will crop up again, he’s quite comfortable with his methods bringing collateral damage and there’s a real scope to develop him from here. With the exception of Deadshot, we’ve never really had a non big bad threat crop up here and there and be all that interesting. Vigilante can feel that void somewhat. There’s far more to come with the goggle wearing maniac and I can’t wait.

Chase is Vigilante. There’s been subtle little hints to this point, including one in this episode. For a little while, I thought he may be Prometheus but he’s clearly his comic alter-ego. We may not have got the confirmation, but it was as subtle as Donna Smoak is tolerable.

No unnecessary drama. The situation with Lance was resolved and tied up in a neat little bow. Thea didn’t believe he was Prometheus. Lance didn’t believe he was Prometheus. And breathe… They handled this well. Instead, it served to show that Prometheus knows who the team are and he can come for them at any time – which is quite the frightening prospect.

Kovar is awesome. I wasn’t the most positive person in the world during the previous two seasons of Arrow – I don’t regret that. I stand by the things I said. Yet, it is rather nice to be saying positive things about the show again. The last two seasons of flashbacks have gone around in circles somewhat, with last season proving particularly bland. Russia, however, while not exactly endearing itself to the rest of the planet in the real world is something I’m a big fan of in the fictional world of Arrow. Kovar is our big bad and Dolph Lundgren is a big, big presence and a very good addition. It was good to see more of him and I’m intrigued to see where these flashbacks end up going. There feels more of a plan this time around. They’re progressing nicely.

Evelyn has failed this city! Evelyn has joined the dark side (seemingly) and partnered up with Prometheus. We knew Curtis already. Wild Dog has been given plenty of focus. Evelyn, on the other hand, bar her frustrations with Oliver’s past methods, hasn’t really had all that much to do. While I’m still not entirely sure what they’re attempting to do with her, this at least raises the potential and opens it up. How long is this going to last? Why’s she siding with him?

Overall, a strong episode that introduced a very decent new character (well, half a character technically) while the central threat of Prometheus still trickled through the episode. It all feels a very connected, well oiled machine as we move forwards. It’s never going to be the best written show in the world, while it hasn’t hit the heights of the earlier seasons of Arrow but regardless, with seven episodes on the board we seem to be heading in a promising direction…


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