5×08: Invasion Preview and Teasers

And that’s 100! Arrow reaches it’s 100th episode and proceeds to delve deep into the show’s past.

With Oliver, Diggle, Sara, Thea and Ray beamed up Star Trek style, we find them waking up in a different reality where Oliver never got on the Queen’s Gambit. His parents are both alive. He’s engaged to Laurel – also alive. There’s a wealth of neat little callbacks, including some old foes leading to some half decent action.

It’s particularly nice to see the old characters back in action. Laurel and Oliver bounce off one another well and considering the insufferable nature of ‘Olicity’ during the past two seasons, you wonder what might have been with a different approach. It’s also pleasing to have Sara back with the main bunch, while Moira and Robert are also very good.

There’s plenty of emotional material there that’s well used as the characters begin to notice the cracks in their reality and get drawn into what’s really going on. This includes a particularly touching scene between Oliver and Thea.

The great shame in all of this is that the whole episode wasn’t devoted to this alternate timeline/reality/simulation (delete as appropriate). The crossover scenes really did not do a lot for me as Felicity, Cisco, Barry, Kara and co. seek to work out where the others have gone. They episode slowed for me when they cropped up and detracted what could have been greater time to the Arrow 100 side of things.

Nonetheless, it’s a decent episode and easily the strongest of this four (but really three) part crossover.

Some teaser quotes:

1. “I’m gonna hack alien tech. This is seriously the best day in my whole entire life!”
2. “You’re lucky I’m not a trained assassin or anything.”
3. “Last night somebody reminded me that I have everything, and I don’t want to give it up. I’m afraid that I’m going to give it up.”
4. “…they’ve got him working triple shifts at the hospital now, and Chicago isn’t exactly next door.”
5. “Shopping at alien GAP?”

Arrow’s 100th episode, “Invasion!” airs Wednesday, 14th December at 8pm on Sky 1.


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