DC CW Crossover: “Invasion” preview and teasers

Although technically a four-part crossover, the meat and bones of the CW’s DC ‘event’ really begins in The Flash tonight. So what can you expect?

If you’re expecting great story-telling and an edge of your seat nail biter, then take a step back. That’s not what this crossover brings. The Dominators themselves aren’t the most compelling of threats, while the storyline itself can be a little choppy as the respective shows seek to, understandably, balance their own storylines alongside the crossover. What it certainly is though, is fun.

Diggle’s reactions were my personal highlight of initial Flash episode tonight, while the big team-up as a whole does provide for some fun material with the various characters interacting.

The undoubted highlight of this crossover is Arrow’s 100th episode, as Oliver faces an “It’s a Wonderful Life” scenario as he sees what life would be like if he’d never got on the Queen’s Gambit. Old faces return, as do old threats while it’s nice to take a step back to the earlier days of Arrow in its prime. In fact, it had me wishing that this had just been a standalone Arrow episode to really branch out on that ‘what if?’ material.

Although you never feel the world is actually in any real danger, there’s certainly a lot fun to be had here while as I said, Arrow 100 is most definitely the highlight.

Some teaser quotes:

1. “I watch SyFy channel.”
2. “I swear to God, Barry. My life was somewhat normal before I met you.”
3. “A little Alien, a little Star Trek, JJ Abrams style, and a whole lot of tech.”
4. “I can’t lose them all again.”
5. “You know, she really looks like my cousin.”

The Flash airs tonight (Tuesday, 13th December), Arrow airs tomorrow (Wednesday, 14th December), and Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursday, 15th December, all at 8pm on Sky 1.


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