5×09: What We Leave Behind Preview and Teasers

The midseason finale, “What We Leave Behind”, breaks a trend that Arrow has set in its opening eight episodes: it is the first hour of the season to be a truly great episode.

It is an episode that, for the first time in a considerable while, evokes feelings of being back at Arrow’s peak in season two. The show has taken seven (excluding last week’s crossover) episodes to build its various arcs and has done so with middling results; there hasn’t been anything that really tipped the quality scales too far in either direction. Here, that changes.

With Evelyn’s betrayal known to us, she continues helping Prometheus as he enacts his plan against Oliver, attacking Curtis outside City Hall. What follows is a sequence of events that pack an emotional punch from all sides, with some devastating blows along the way. There’s little denying that this episode is, above all, bleak. But, importantly, it’s powerful, and the type to stick with you.

This is an episode that you should know as little about as possible before going in, and there isn’t a whole lot I want to divulge for fear of hurting the impact of it. So here’s a few vague teasers on the content, followed by our usual quotes tease:

** We do learn who Prometheus is.
** The flashbacks are not what you’ll expect.
** One particular comment may be more meaningful than it seems.
** There’s some mature relationship issues, for once.

1. “Oliver, this isn’t on you, man.”
2. “That stuff makes my brain hurt.”
3. “You have failed this city.”
4. “You’re not a hero.”
5. “I can explain everything.”

“What We Leave Behind” airs on Wednesday 21st December at 8pm on Sky 1.


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