5×10: Who Are You? Preview and Teasers

Arrow returns after the excellent mid-season finale with “Who Are You?”, picking up the pieces after the seemingly miracle resurrection of Laurel Lance…

Whereas I felt episode 9 was surprisingly sophisticated in some of the things it chose to do, such as killing Billy and Prometheus’ whole approach, this week has more of a comicbooky feel.

There’s of course nothing wrong with that, the episode itself matches with earlier ones this season in being simply okay. Katie Cassidy returns as Laurel Lance, there’s no black magic, hallucinations or imposters here, this is Laurel. Alive and well. Our Laurel? Well… I couldn’t possibly say…

What this episode does well is character stuff and setting foundations. Oliver is set up nicely. Felicity looks set for an interesting new direction, one her character needs. Diggle has a fair bit to face. Curtis takes the first step down a needed path after what he had to do in the first-half of the season.

The flashbacks see us back in Russia and they spin around in circles a little bit, but the closing snippet appears to spark us down a new path as past and present begin to join up.

Some teaser quotes:
1. “I’ll be back with a writ signed by the President.” “Can’t wait. I’ve always wanted her autograph.”
2. “So… mom and dad are going twelve rounds upstairs.”
3. “Every meta gets a nickname.”
4. “That’s time travel for you.”
5. “I’ve been looking for you.”

“Who Are You?” airs in its new timeslot, Thursday 2nd February at 9pm on Sky 1.


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