Things we learned… 5×11: Second Chances

After battling against Black Siren, Oliver sets off to Hub City to track down Tina Boland, someone he feels could continue Laurel’s Black Canary legacy though, predictably, things don’t quite go to plan…

Tina isn’t Tina. Tina is Dinah.

Dinah Drake. In comic canon, Dinah Drake is Dinah Laurel Lance’s mum. Laurel’s actual mum was called Dinah. Now we have a new Dinah, complete with the canary cry and presumably she will be the Black Canary in the coming weeks.

First things first, I don’t envisage some weird time travel thing here as some have theorised making this Dinah Alex Kingston and thus Laurel’s mother. I think she’s Dinah Drake, an Arrow interpretation of her and she’ll take her own path. In terms of the character, there’s multiple ways to look at her – the character herself with regards to what we got, Dinah in the context of this season, Dinah in the context of the show, Dinah in the context of how they’ve treated the Black Canary.

With regards to this episode, I liked her. Juliana Harkavy was good in the role, I felt she bounced off the other characters well and regardless of her generic as they come backstory, I was a fan. In terms of the season, I’m happy with her introduction. I feel we need someone a little more skilled on the team, someone with a presence and someone who can push Oliver.

So, so far, so good.

In terms of the show and the Black Canary, this is a hallmark of the exasperatingly lazy writing that’s blighted Arrow and will continue to do so – yet, I also think this is the sort of character the show desperately needs. Confused? I’ll break it down for you. We had Laurel, whose story was supposedly done according to the powers that be, only for a new DA/possible vigilante to be introduced in Adrian Chase and now, supposedly, a new Canary. If Laurel hadn’t needlessly been killed off for a complete shitshow of a death storyline, then we wouldn’t need all this. I’m not a comic reader when it comes to Green Arrow and the Black Canary, but I can fully sympathise with fans who have been repeatedly stepped on when it comes to Arrow.

This show hasn’t respected the comicbooks. This show hasn’t respected the Black Canary. It’s fine for it to go in its own direction, but at the very least the Black Canary has deserved more.

However, this season has been better and Dinah is an opportunity for redemption. I do like Chase thus far, Josh Segarra is excellent and although the reason for his character being here is stupid, the character himself and Segarra’s performance have helped soften the blow. Therefore, like I said, I think Dinah could be the sort of character this show needs.

I’ve never been a fan of Olicity and what the show has thrown up in terms of Oliver and Felicity has never convinced me they’re good for one another as a couple. I’m taking a leap, assuming the show is going to head towards Black Canary and Green Arrow here (even if Dinah Drake is Oliver Queen’s mother-in-law in the comics), and with what we’ve seen of Dinah so far, I’d be all for it. Even if it’s not a romantic thing and just a strong partnership, I feel Oliver needs a character with a bit of fire about her and a bit of darkness. I always felt Sara was good for him in that regard and hopefully, Dinah can prove so too.

Now, that was extremely long winded but hopefully somewhat coherent… Onto the rest of the episode!

The logic of these characters makes no sense!

Oliver blasts a helicopter out of the sky. Smacks arrows into henchmen left, right and centre. Rene goes in, guns firing, taking people down.

Then… They don’t want Dinah to kill Sonus. The most dangerous of the bunch, with actual powers… Right, then.

Thankfully, Dinah did kill him. That makes me sound an immensely dark person (not exactly untrue) but 1) I hate those sorts of scenes, and 2) if he’d been left alive, the logic would have just defied belief.

It’s the sort of thing that crops up time and time again. Diggle goes in, all guns blazing. Henchmen go down. It’s just frustratingly inconsistent.

Felicity goes hacking

Thanks to Felicity’s hacktivist dealings, Diggle finds himself released. While the storyline that landed him in jail has never been the most convincing, despite the half decent story stuff it conjured up, Felicity’s storyline from here looks as if it could be good.

Felicity needs more to do. The character hasn’t been my favourite last few seasons, I’ve made no secret of that, however, she’s not been helped by poor writing. She’s been stuck in love triangles, melodrama and ridiculous recoveries. This, however, looks as if it holds some promise. It makes sense that she’d fall a little to her darker side and it’s good we’re going forwards and exploring that.

It was also pleasing that the supposed hacktivist adversary wasn’t an adversary and was instead, a very big fan.

From here, hopefully Felicity’s storyline is given a chance to breathe and really develop. After two seasons of stunted development, this could be exactly what she needs.


The capitals are intentional. The flashbacks were indeed, very good. Talia has arrived. The original Arrow suit is about. You just get the feeling that some damn good things are coming…

Overall, this was a stronger episode than last week though not without its problems. The next trio though carry twitter endorsement from messrs Amell and Nykl, so you’d hold some promise for them.

The episode opened up some interesting pathways, so let’s see where they go from here.


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