5×12: Bratva Preview and Teasers

Off we go to Russia for Anatoly, ‘favourite Americans’ and nuclear arms deals…

The overarching plot of this episode is not good as the team head to Russia to stop a renegade General Walker from selling nuclear arms, however, it’s salvaged by Anatoly and some very decent character stuff which combine to make it the strongest episode so far in 2017.

Anatoly has been absent for a few episodes but David Nykl is such an asset to this show. It’s terrific to have him back about the place. Things aren’t the rosiest between Oliver and his Bratva friend, owed to a callback to season 2, and it’s refreshing to explore a different dynamic there. Two characters earn the title of Anatoly’s “favourite American” off Oliver in the process which was undoubtedly my favourite part of the episode. It’s something small yet so effective, it’s fun and in keeping with his character so nicely done, writers.

Oliver and Dinah share what’s probably the strongest scene of the episode, revealing things about both their characters and showing further signs Dinah could prove to be a very good addition indeed. Diggle embraces the darkness and Felicity remains up to no good, leading to some interesting conflicts going forwards and the strengthening of that team dynamic too.

Back in Star City, Quentin returns (hurrah!) and shares some strong scenes with Rene, while Susan also comes back and comes to quite the realisation…

The flashbacks are great. There’s a wonderful season 1 familiarity to them. I’m finding myself more and more invested in them now. Seasons 3 and 4 were a veritable slog with, well, everything really but especially flashbacks. Thankfully, they’re looking as if they’re on the way to redemption this time around.

Some teaser quotes:
1. “You never should have come back to Russia.”
2. “What’s the Russian word for creepy?”
3. “Look tough.”
4. “Aliens?”
5. “Prometheus has you so fixated with what’s wrong with you, you’ve completely stopped seeing what’s right.”

“Bratva” airs on Sky 1 on Thursday, 16th February at 9pm.


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