5×14: The Sin-Eater Preview and Teasers

China White, Cupid and Liza Warner return to Star City in “The Sin-Eater” which is a step in the right direction after last week’s exploration on gun control.

It’s the story away from White, Cupid and Warner where this episode is strongest. Neither of the three have ever been all that compelling as villains, with the exception of China White perhaps, and they’re pointless here. The trio are seeking out Tobias Church’s “rainy-day account”, also known as the money he made from the AmerTech deal (5×02).

They serve as little more than a plot device to highlight Quentin’s guilt over Liza, and the Green Arrow’s struggles with the ACU as Prometheus (probably) lets Star City’s finest in on the secret that Billy Malone was murdered by the Emerald Archer.

Although clunky, the episode does the sin aspect reasonably well. Quentin’s guilt over Liza – who returned to villainous ways after seeing he was working with Damien Darkh – is flimsy though Blackthorne predictably handles it well, while it does lead to a nice scene with Thea. Oliver’s frustrations with the ACU highlight the influence of Prometheus once more, leading me to feel that it’s time the mysterious big bad makes a reappearance soon to capitalise on the fresh foundations set up.

Thea commits a sin of her own after learning that Susan Williams is getting closer to the truth of Oliver’s “””””””secret””””””” identity (apologies, I felt one set of air quotes there wouldn’t do things justice). The sin perhaps hints at what Thea’s storyline may be for the rest of the season.

Speaking of sins, Oliver’s naivety is perhaps the biggest in this episode. After five years (almost) back home, it does drag any sort of development through the mud when he’s presented as thick, for lack of a better word, just to suit the plot.

Dinah also is sworn into her new job and gets a mask, though is hesitant due to being unsure whether she can fill the Black Canary’s shoes. This sort of thing does baffle me somewhat. The show never really gave Laurel any sort of respect while she’s here, though in death she seems to have become a figure of perfection. Nonetheless, I like Dinah and I’m content with them going down this road.

There’s plenty going on in this episode and it balances it all well, even if some of the storylines don’t really pack much of a punch. It’s a step in the right direction after last week’s misstep.

Some teaser quotes:
1. “You know, you gotta get that new girl a codename.”
2. “Her password is 1-2-3-4.”
3. “You have failed this city.”
4. “You know, I really like how wise you’re getting lately.”
5. “You undersold this.”

“The Sin-Eater” airs on Sky 1 on Thursday, 2nd March at 9pm.


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