5×15: Fighting Fire with Fire Preview and Teasers

With Oliver’s mayoral administration hanging in the balance, “Fighting Fire with Fire” goes to great lengths to try and make all the facets of his life – Mayor Queen, Oliver Queen, and the Green Arrow – infinitely more difficult, with varying success.

Oliver, convinced that Prometheus is to blame for exposing the cover-up, is determined to keep his office and prevent his foe from winning in the process. It’s a difficult task, however, and though Adrian does attempt to offer a way out, things aren’t quite as simple as he’d like it to be. There are a couple of interesting moments in that arc, and it ends up a strong look at Oliver’s desire to remain mayor.

What doesn’t help Oliver is that Vigilante decides his misuse of his office is enough to be targeted, and a large chunk of the hour is devoted to Vigilante’s efforts to take down the mayor and, in response, Team Arrow’s efforts to stop him. But Vigilante’s goals anger Prometheus who, as we know, has marked Mr Queen for himself and only himself, and there is a confrontation between the two. It’s short and Arrow may have been better served – from a pure entertainment stance – by extending it, but it’s still nice to see them branch out and have these two villains meet and fight for the first time. And, by the episode’s end, one of their identities is revealed.

Some other important snippets: Curtis gets back to helping the team by using his specialities; Felicity discloses the truth about Pandora to one of the team, and has to face the moral dilemmas of her continued association with Helix; Thea’s character arc continues; and Oliver and Anatoly try and get out of their difficult situation in the flashbacks, one scene of which features quite possibly the greatest line of the show to date.

This isn’t as strong or monumental an episode as it clearly wants to be, but it’s far from a dud. There are strong aspects to it, but there are some important moments that fall somewhat flat and/or are real head-scratchers, which lessens the overall effectiveness of the hour. Still, there’s a sense of acceleration and it sets things up well for the final stretch of episodes.

1. “Thea, it’s not even a question.”
2. “This isn’t you.”
3. “I’m never getting into a limo with you again.”
4. “You deserve today.”
5. “Oh, now that’s what I’m talking about.”

“Fighting Fire with Fire” airs on Thursday, 9th March at 9pm on Sky 1.


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