Things we learned… 5×15: Fighting Fire with Fire

Oliver escaped impeachment and the wrath of Vigilante, Thea left after falling further into the murky world of politics, Curtis’s balls saved the day and we also discovered a certain someone’s identity.

Prometheus is Adrian Chase. Rather than took about the whole of the episode, let’s look at this reveal in depth and what it means.

Arrow has turned the tables on its comic roots (as it’s done plenty of times before, in fairness) by stripping Chase of his Vigilante alter-ego and placing him as the intriguing big bad of this promising season. For starters, is it a missed opportunity? Josh Segarra has been excellent as Chase and Vigilante is a fascinating character. I’ve read up on him and there’s a real darkness in his story that I think would be fantastic on screen – so much so, I’d be a staunch advocate of a Vigilante series. And that, is probably what’s worth considering here.

To explore Vigilante in the depth that he deserves probably would require a solo series. Furthermore, considering the probable content, it’s a series that would only flourish on a platform other than the CW. Taking into account how good Segarra has been and the complexity of Prometheus as a villain, this approach is taking a different sort of opportunity with both hands. You only have to watch the promo for next week for a tease of just how good this could be.

“I’m ten steps ahead of you and you haven’t even figured out what game we’re playing yet,” is a line delivered with such terrifying glee by Segarra that I really can’t wait to see where we go with this. It may not be as Vigilante, but Arrow looks set to make the most of Segarra and with that in mind, could we have the best Arrow big bad on our hands?

Slade currently takes top spot followed by Malcolm, with the less said about Ra’s al Ghul and Damien Darkh the better. However, there’s been an impressive complexity with Prometheus that has surprised me. This is psychological to the extreme. If we look back to 5×09 where Prometheus accurately mapped out bodies for Oliver, as the Hood had taken them down four years earlier, ahead of their confrontation – that was near near psychopathic attention to detail. There’s not the sheer rage that accompanied Slade Wilson. Chase has his head screwed on. He’s playing the long game. We’d spoken on our podcasts and off air about the reveal will make or break Prometheus, it’s added a whole new layer to him and it’s for the better.

When you now look back and consider Chase has been playing Oliver from the start, it adds this whole new dimension and it’s chilling. This is especially the case for recent developments. He’s twisted Oliver into painting the Green Arrow as public enemy number one, yes it was very end of The Dark Knight, but he offered to take the fall himself, anticipating what Oliver would do. The guy is a genius. He really is ten steps ahead.

He ticks all the boxes for the villain checklist. Prometheus looks like a badass. He’s formidable when it comes to fighting. He’s got interesting motivations. He’s got a good alter-ego. He’s got a great actor to play him. So where do we go from here?

Prometheus has shied away from the norm. The reveal of his identity was a lot later than others have been, plus it came mid-episode and was surprisingly low-key. The whole story has been really well paced so far. I’ve given the show plenty of justifiable criticism in recent seasons but with Prometheus, they’ve managed this storyline really well. It’s the road to the endgame now and it’s going to be interesting to see just how they manage this.

He’s been a terrific villain and deserves a climax befitting of what has come before. You’d feel a little surge of Prometheus centric episodes is what’s right, followed by the calm before the storm. The show has to keep faith with its long game approach. Of course, it’s time to begin ramping it up but it’s critical it doesn’t fizzle out too quickly.

This is the business end of the season. It’s key they get things right.

So there we have it. Prometheus was revealed. Oliver escaped impeachment. However, with Susan captured by Chase, it’s fair to say he’s still got some big challenges ahead. This was a more than decent episode and the reveal can breathe new life into the season as we surge towards the end.


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