5×19: Dangerous Liaisons Preview and Teasers

Arrow returns tonight, and as the hunt for Prometheus heats up, Felicity learns a dark secret about Kojo and Helix, and she goes against Team Arrow to find Billy Malone’s killer.

Felicity has had her fair share of narrative problems over the course of the show, and especially in the last two years or so; attempts to expand her role from the comic relief into something bigger have floundered with uninteresting and flat-out bad writing. In the aftermath of Billy’s death, the show has gone to lengths to try and integrate her as much as possible into the Prometheus arc by centring a lot of the quest for justice/revenge around her grief.

So we get to “Dangerous Liaisons”, an episode that grows from the public outing of Adrian Chase as Prometheus and puts Felicity on the warpath to take him down by whatever methods necessary. Her ‘work’ at Helix thus far has been mostly mundane – no matter how much Kojo or she or someone else notes that what she’s done/doing is illegal, Felicity has done the same if not worse working for Team Arrow.

Here, though, a line is placed before her as she is faced with the choice of pursuing a newly discovered idea but having to go up against the team in the process or waiting for another lead. Unsurprisingly, she chooses the former, and what transpires afterwards is a morality issue between her and the team, resulting in them becoming something of adversaries.

It’s nice to see her go down this darker path – no matter how much Oliver tries to shield the rest of the team from his darkness, it will never truly work – and giving her something more substantial can only be a good thing. And yet “Dangerous Liaisons” feels just a little too forced, a little too much like the conflict is established in a way that doesn’t feel earned by what we know of these characters. That isn’t to say it’s a bad episode, but it fails to hit the heights that it should.

Elsewhere, there’s a disagreement between Diggle and Lyla – who makes her first on-screen appearance since “Vigilante” (her voice was uncredited for the midseason finale) – that, although yet another depressing story, is mostly great. However, it does, perhaps, fall victim to the same issue that plagues the conflict with Felicity.

And Quentin learns of Rene’s past and his estrangement from his daughter, and their ensuing scenes are also very nice. Again, not flawless by any stretch, thanks to it retroactively lessening the impact of his development in “Spectre of the Gun”, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Teaser quotes:
1. “This is happening with or without your help.”
2. “Please. Just leave this alone, man.”
3. “You murdered someone.”
4. “This is our only chance.”
5. “Oliver, we have a situation.”

“Dangerous Liaisons” airs tonight – Thursday 4th May – at 9pm on Sky 1.


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