5×23: Lian Yu Preview

The battle between Oliver and Chase finally comes to a head in the fifth season finale, “Lian Yu”.

To say the closing chapters of seasons three and four were lacking in quality would be an understatement. This season, however, the show has turned things around and the handful of episodes leading up to tonight’s finale have been strong. “Lian Yu” does not break that streak.

It’s difficult to say much because there are so many major plot points that should remain surprising for viewers. Vaguely, it’s worth noting that there are deaths, there are plot twists, there are moments that will blow you away. Really, it’s the full package.

The entire hour takes place on Lian Yu, with the present day scenes featuring Oliver and his unlikely team – featuring Malcolm, Nyssa, Slade, and Digger Harkness (aka Captain Boomerang) – facing off against Adrian Chase and his gang of criminals – Black Siren, Talia, Evelyn. It’s intense and dark and heartfelt and shocking and, most importantly, among the best episodes of Arrow’s 115 to date.

Oliver completes his five years in hell with the flashbacks finally coming to an end. It’s handled well, merging nicely with what we know of the history and providing a slightly fresher and more in-depth perspective on it. The final scene will probably have you in tears.

The less you know about the episode going in, the better. “Lian Yu” is a fantastically well-rounded episode of Arrow, a fitting end to a surprisingly strong season, and worthy of praise akin to that of the show’s top five episodes.

“Lian Yu” airs tonight – Thursday, 1st June – at 9pm on Sky 1.


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