Wait, where has season five gone?

Next week, there will be no new Arrow. That is because The CW have taken a short break in order to run the season through until the end of the U.S. TV season.

The show returns in the States on Wednesday 26th April, but we are as yet unsure exactly when it will return on Sky 1. However, based on the break after “Fighting Fire with Fire”, it seems safe to assume that we will not be getting it the following night, instead on Thursday 4th May.

We should have confirmation soon. Until then, enjoy the promo for the next episode, “Dangerous Liaisons”, here.

5×17: Kapiushon Podcast

Welcome back to the ArrowFansUK episode review podcast. This week, we’re talking about “Kapiushon”, in which Oliver underwent some physical and psychological torture at the hands of Prometheus. It was pretty great. The flashbacks saw Oliver, Anatoly, and the remaining Bratva members attempt to stop Kovar, and we discuss why it only partly worked. We also mention the recent news of Katie Cassidy signing on as a series regular in season six and talk about how that might work. Continue reading 5×17: Kapiushon Podcast

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