4×18: Eleven-Fifty-Nine Podcast

Welcome back to the ArrowFansUK episode review podcast. After months of waiting, Eleven-Fifty-Nine finally revealed who it is that is in the grave teased in the season four premiere. We break down the death, talking about what worked and what didn’t (leaning pretty heavily towards the latter option). We’re also talking about the rest of the episode, including Andy’s problematic story, flashbacks and more. As always, you can send us your thoughts via Facebook, Twitter or email. But for now, sit back and enjoy the podcast. Continue reading 4×18: Eleven-Fifty-Nine Podcast

Eleven-Fifty-Nine review – Grave problems

Eleven-Fifty-Nine was intended to be the showpiece episode of Arrow’s fourth season. The one that defined the show’s year, setting up a thrilling final five episodes by way of a shocking, hard-hitting death teased all season long. So for the flashbacks, which have been almost exclusively bad for nearly two years, to be one of the episode’s few highlights, it’s clear that the show did something – or, more aptly, many somethings – very, very wrong.

Warning: Full spoilers follow beyond this point. Continue reading Eleven-Fifty-Nine review – Grave problems

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