5×21: Honor Thy Fathers Preview

Chase ramps up his quest to destroy Oliver by making things even more personal than they already are, with “Honor Thy Fathers” also bringing back Cody Rhodes’ Derek Sampson.

The battle, both physical and psychological, between Oliver and Chase has been fascinating thus far and “Honor Thy Fathers” takes the psychological side to a new level. Everything leading up to this hour has been designed to break Oliver and Prometheus’ plan here is one perhaps even darker and more impactful than subjecting the hooded hero to a week of intense torture.

Chase’s actions create a very difficult situation for Oliver, who is torn between playing his game and recognising that he is being manipulated. The events of the hour are fitting for one that leaves the series just two episodes from bringing Oliver’s five- and ten-year journeys to a close and really speak to the core of who he is in this show.

While all of this is going on, the team also have to deal with the small matter of every criminal Chase prosecuted being released on bail, including the aforementioned Derek Sampson. The character continues to defy all logic – he may not be able to feel pain, but that shouldn’t stop him being killed when shot multiple times; he isn’t invincible – and is generally a distraction from the main event of Prometheus, who provides far more interesting material than Sampson.

Elsewhere, Quentin helps to prepare Rene for his hearing to regain custody of his daughter, with the hockey-masked hero nervous about how the proceeedings could affect her even if – and perhaps especially if – he wins the case. Oliver and Anatoly head for Lian Yu in the flashbacks as the former prepares to head back to Starling City five years ago. Those scenes answer a number of questions raised by the timeline including the issue of facial hair. And Thea’s back in the present day, which is very much appreciated.

“Honor Thy Fathers” airs on Thursday 18th May at 9pm on Sky 1.


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