Season 5B return date confirmed

Arrow will be moving once again when season 5 returns.

GeekTown have confirmed that the series will be moving not only to a new night but to a new timeslot, starting Thursday 2nd February at 9pm.

The placement of the other DC shows has also been confirmed, with Supergirl moving to Tuesdays at 8pm and The Flash to 9pm that night, commencing Tuesday 31st January. Legends of Tomorrow will remain in its Thursday 8pm slot, now in front of Arrow.

This move is to reflect a change in scheduling by The CW, where Legends of Tomorrow is moving from its Thursday 8pm slot to a 9pm slot on Tuesdays, behind The Flash. With the alteration, Sky 1 are keeping the weekly order of each episode the same as in the U.S., thus preventing any continuity errors across the shows.

It is the fourth new timeslot Arrow has had on Sky 1, but only the first to a different time. The series began on Mondays at 8pm, switching to Thursdays at 8pm after the second season’s Christmas break. A second move came at the beginning of season 4, putting the show in the slot it now vacates on Wednesdays.


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