Extremely SPOILERY photo of Oliver and Felicity

We’ve got a very, very, very spoilery photo, courtesy of Marc Guggenheim. Seriously. Given how far behind we are in the UK, it features even more spoilers than you might expect. Read on at your own risk.

Are you sure?

Last chance.


Photo is below. Keep reading for some thoughts from me.

So, based on this, it’s probably safe to assume that Felicity survives the gunshot wound she sustained in the midseason finale (not that I expected anything different). However, what happens beyond that? There’s some very spoilery footage that suggests Felicity may not make a full recovery from her injury, but this photo would show otherwise, assuming Guggenheim is being truthful, of course. Really, until we get a few new episodes and begin to catch back up with the US, we’ll have no idea.

Arrow returns next Wednesday, 2nd March, at 8pm on Sky 1.


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